Communication with colleagues

While working inside and outside of the classroom us as teachers are continuously building relationships with colleagues as well as helping each other build our classrooms! When building our classrooms and helping our students we research multiple websites for ideas and opinions. Through using technology with our colleagues we can rotate ideas through each other. Using Wikis with our colleagues allows for us to build collaborative ideas on certain topics and share website we may find useful. Another type of communication we can use with colleagues outside of the class day is text messaging. Texting just like e-mailing allows quick, to the point messages or questions to be sent to each other. Using technology together can make for resourceful links now and in the future!Image

The link above is a website for speech pathologist (teachers) with resourceful games and links to ideas to use with patients (students) to help us as speech teachers stay current in out field.

The above link is a educational blogging website for speech pathologist around the world to post and share ideas, games, questions, comments, and new information! This is a blog to follow!


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