Communication with parents

Learning comes from the home! Along side having a one-on-one relationship with your students, as a teacher the second most important relationship to build is one with the students parent/s. Through working with the students parent/s students are more likely to learn better, gain better understanding of assignments, and be more aware that they are to stay on track. Understanding that parents, just like us as teachers, are both go go go all day long a great way to communicate with them is through technology!

ImageBy using the internet and its’ resources teachers and parents can track their children whenever where ever! One of the most effective ways of doing this is through e-mail. Nowadays a great majority of adults have smart phones allowing them receive information such as e-mails directly to their phones. Any questions or concerns parents have they can send the teachers e-mails instantly and professionally! Another type of technology, also available on smartphone apps, that teachers can user to communicate with parents are websites such as ParentLink. ParentLink allows parents to go online and track their students grades and assignments due weekly. Keeping parents updated means keeping children on a great track!


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