Communication with students

Image Communication with your students is key when being their teacher! When teaching students teachers need that one-on-one connection with the students not only for the teachers sake and for them to become familiar with the student but for the student to be able to feel comfortable with the teacher and knowing that their teacher cares about them! On-on-one connections can come face to face in the classroom but what about outside of the classroom after the school day? When the students have questions or concerns? What better way to create a stronger bond outside of the class than through technology! By utilizing websites such as Blackboard students are able to keep track of their own progress and communicate with the teacher one on one and review their work along side the teacher online. Also technology can be used for teachers to communicate with students, and students to talk to students is through educational blogs such as Wiki’s. Wikis allow collaborative class discussion just like Blackboard. With Wiki’s students post on a board one at a time and can state their ideas. Another great way for teachers to communicate with students through technology is through online calenders. Online calenders allow teachers to post assignments and due dates and set reminders to e-mail students when things are not only due but also coming up. These are only a few ways technology shows us how as teachers to communicate with our students. Communication through technology brings learning beyond the classroom and at students fingertips instantly!


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